Introduction: Dreaming, Dachshunds, and Desserts

Well, I finally did it!

I finally started a blog. I just quit putting it off and started the page. See, I've been meaning to start blogging for over two years now.

I had a million excuses for putting it off. I just graduated college. I'll wait until...

I find my first job out of school. I get adjusted to my new job. I get my new apartment. Shawn and I get settled in Wisconsin. I get adjusted to AmeriCorps. I finish my reading list. I clean my apartment. I get another job. I watch all the tv shows I want to watch. I finish wedding planning.

No more excuses! New year, new me, new name (once the paperwork goes through).

Welcome, welcome to Dreaming, Dachshunds, and Desserts! If there's anything you want me to write about, please drop a comment below.

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